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This morning I had my periodic wellness visit with my primary care physician. She ordered a bone density scan for me because it had been nearly three years since the last one. They recommend having one at least every two years. I hope it will reveal that the Forteo injections have built up my bone mass enough to get me out of the osteoporosis danger zone.

I also picked up my new glasses. Now my distance vision is clear for both eyes.

As soon as I started driving this morning I discovered that the mechanic who was supposed to have picked up my car to repair it while I was gone had not done so. [He was going to drive his car to my place and leave it here while he drove my car to his shop. This was his own suggestion.] The squealing belt was louder than ever. When I called him to tell him, he told me that he had forgotten about it! It mystifies me that he could forget to do something that is his regular job. He said that he could be here at 10:00 on Thursday morning, so I agreed.

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