2015 Montana, Calgary Stampede, Icefield Parkway travel blog

What are we waiting for? Come on, let's GO!!!

Another Summer trip begins tomorrow!!

Doris now has another new hip with the left one replaced on 12/30/2014 and is now known as the Bionic Woman with three major surgeries in the last two years. She is now full of titanium but has finished all rehab and is ready to hit the road.

The tax season is over (at least for me), the house has been prepared for our absence; the paper stopped; the mailed forwarded; the credit card companies notified; and the Mothership is sitting on the launch pad just outside our front door, fully loaded and fueled, just waiting on T minus 0. Montana and Alberta, here we come!

Our first stop is one of our favorite parks, Claystone Park, just west of Macon, GA for three nights.

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