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entrance to Savegre Hotel

yes - there's a spa here!

I love waterfalls - can't wait!

and here it is!

looks like a weird banana tree outside gift shop of hotel

a local told me the bananas are inside that long thingie

the rooms are in buildings like this - ours were farthest up...

oh - did I show you our traveling van? luggage on top

view from our room

more feeders and hummers!

a woodpecker visits

look at that decorative grass!

a female resplendent quetzal!

look at the hole in the tree - male's tail!

was going to get a pic like this one

tail's been moving - wait for it!

clicked a fraction of a second too late!

male in a tree - view from the scope

male came back to nest

might this be the melodious black bird?

the stream farther down from that waterfall

We had to leave Rancho Naturalista after breakfast, and all the staff were out front to wave goodbye to us. What a great place! We stopped at a shopping mall around 9:30 so that people could use an ATM and do some grocery shopping. Most all of us decided that the salsa we have been eating with our rice and beans and meat was good enough to give as gifts, as it is like a barbeque sauce instead of what we call salsa. People purchased coffee as well. Some bought wine to drink in their rooms since we all retire around 7:30 PM! the other stores in the mall weren't open - maybe because it was before 10 AM.

We got to our next hotel at noon, just in time for lunch. We had climbed to almost 10,000 feet before getting on the dirt road to the hotel. It was about 9 kilometers on that road that took us down to 7200 feet, so there were many switchbacks and steep, narrow places! So, we are back to buffet style meals, but there were many more choices of food here.

Barb noted how our rooms couuld be studio apartments if there were any kitchen appliances. The rooms were ready for us around 2 PM. After we got situated, we went for a bird watching walk on the grounds and before too long we came upon a cordoned off area because of nesting Resplendent Quetzals. And we were in luck! Both the female and male were present. The female was perched in plain view near the nest, while the male was inside the nest with its tail sticking out. The nest is in a hole in a dead tree, much like a woodpecker's nest. We watched the tail move around quite a bit and learned that it means that it is preparing to come out. I saw it when its head and tail were out of the next, but by the time the camera clicked the picture, the male was leaving the nest - still a neat picture, though! This is what a couple of us travelers were wanting to see on this trip. I can understand why after these views.

A few of us continued on the walk to see the creek downstream from the hotel and a few birds also. We passed by a stand selling baked goods and homemade jams. How special!

After dinner, I was able to use a computer outside the front desk and gift shop to see email and get rid of a lot of junk emails. Even though the room was nice and the bed was good, I slept horribly, waking up every hour and a half or two hours. I have no idea why.

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