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This morning John loaded up all my stuff and took me back to Austin. Karen couldn’t go because she had to bake two birthday cakes and decorate them. Her cakes are always works of art.

On the way home we stopped at the Office Depot store on South Lamar to see whether they would have a particular task chair that I wanted. I had seen one at another Office Depot store but the only color they had in stock was hot pink. However, the salesman told me that, when they got more chairs, he would guarantee me the sales price on the color I wanted (navy). At the South Lamar store I showed the manager the guaranteed price and asked him if he would honor it. He didn’t just honor that guarantee, he sold it to me at an even better price. Ask and you shall receive! John assembled the new chair for me. I gave him and Karen my old one for their grandsons.

John also drained my hot water tank and scraped off the deposits on the anode. I can’t remember the last time this was done but it was way past due. Then he helped me with emptying my black water tank. The sewer hose had sprung some leaks so he repaired them with duct tape. I’ll have to buy a new hose soon.

I started my car’s engine to make sure it was okay. I sat there a few minutes, trying out my ability to use the clutch and gearshift. I don’t foresee any problems with driving again.

By the time all these chores were finished, it was after 1:00 and we both were hungry; so we went to Shady Grove to eat.

After all the morning’s activities I was very tired and my back was hurting but I couldn’t take a nap yet. I had to wait for the home health nurse to come. Luckily, she came about mid-afternoon.

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