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Boy, it's warm here!

Where's the power?

The street lights are on and it is stormy in the distance.

Question: On what Eve was Nashville founded? Answer: Christmas Eve 1779! I thought this was an interesting bit of trivia...

We arrived in Jackson, TN at six central time. We put 431 miles on the Chevy in 9 hours today. It's still not great time but what the hay. We are here safe and sound without any complications!

Dave took another look at the generator. When we had the test run before we left the AC worked fine but when we tried it on the road it would not put out enough power to start the AC. We didn't have time to mess with it during the trip so we just kept making tracks. This time Dave pulled it out of the box we kept it in (thinking maybe it was overheating) and tried it...still it just didn't want to start the AC, eeeeh! Oh well, we turned on the fans instead and had a cold drink. The next thing I knew Dave was up tinkering once again. We were both thinking that if it didn't work that we would move on down the road and find a campsite. Then Dave had a thought (should I be worried?) he turned the refrigerator to gas because it was on auto. We didn't have the refrigerator on when we tested the generator at home. Astonishingly enough and with God's help it worked! We ran it until dark. This cooled down the RV enough so we were able to get a good nights sleep. Yeah! :)

As we were settling in for the night we noticed that we were missing a set of camper keys. :( We looked everywhere but just couldn't find them. We still had one set and knew that the second set had to be somewhere close, right?

So for now, it's good night John Boy and we will see you in the morning!

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