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Kelly the kelpie makes the most of fish feeding time by trying...

The fish are ready and waiting in numbers

Even if/when you make sense of it, it's still a classic road...

Sunset beside our camp site


Initially the plan was just to pick up a few things in Kununurra and keep moving but, us and plans ... not a strong combination. Part of the issue was that we lost track of the fact that we were heading into town on a Sunday and so shops generally weren't open. Also, I think we're suffering a bit of jet lag (or just general tiredness?) from the time difference.

After a visit to the visitor info centre, which confirmed that we wouldn't be able to get in to see the Bungle Bungles for a reasonable cost, we got a couple of things from the shops and then headed just out of town to a zebra rock display gallery. Turned out to be an interesting place. As well as the rocks there was a collection of peacocks and cockatoos, a little playground for the kids, a cafe to grab some sandwiches for lunch, and fish feeding on the Ord River down the back. The catfish, some of them pretty large, are waiting expectantly and battle it out for the bread that's thrown in. Kelly, the resident kelpie heads out and attempts to catch the fish!

Back in town we decided to stay the night, and pulled into the Big 4 caravan park. As tends to be the pattern, the kids were in the pool before long (not as cold as Lake Argyle, they report).

Today we decided to stick around here for another night, and spent the morning mooching around the caravan park, moving to a nicer site on the waterfront (the Ord again!) and meeting some fellow travellers. Eventually we headed out to see the sandalwood factory (lots of sandalwood plantations in this part of the world), and then the kids and I spent a couple of hours in the rather new looking town library while Sal did the grocery shopping.

The afternoon finished with another swim for the kids before watching the last of the sun setting over the river, and the first of the thousands of bats heading out for the night.

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