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Happy Valentine's Day


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I have given it my best shot and I have to say that boondocking in Quartzsite is not for me. But I also have to say that most of our fellow rally attendees seem to be having a great time. Quartzsite is just such a nowhere place. There is nothing to do here. We tried to ride our bikes in the desert, but the ground is so rocky, I was in constant jeopardy of tipping over. Unlike the Phoenix and Tuscon area, the desert here is ugly. I'm guessing the lower annual rainfall makes a big difference for the plant life.

As a high point of the day we went to town to buy Happy Camper, an additive for holding tanks that Howard & Linda raved about. Nearly every "store" we walked into reeked of cigarette smoke, dust and dirt. Most of the goods sold in the "stores" were one step above garage sale. Many T'shirts and hats were for sale sporting anti-Obama slogans so nasty, that I will not quote them here. It's just not my kind of place.

Back at camp Ken pumped out the 40 gallon bladder of extra water we brought in the car. Taking very short showers, cooking one pot meals, and eating on paper plates have reduced our water consumption and we easily could boondock for six days or more without the bladder, so after using some of the water to wash the desert dust off the car, he gave the rest to others with smaller holding tanks. Some rigs were visited by a cleaning crew from town who washed and waxed their RV's. Others are looking forward to a similar visit to pump out their holding tanks and bring fresh water.

At a show and tell session we brought things or shared ideas that made RV life better. We picked up a good idea for strips of LED lighting that Ken has already ordered and we'll pick up at the next campground. In honor of Valentine's Day we had a communal chili dinner and some danced under the stars on a desert dance floor lit by luminaria. As they danced they waved light sticks and Ken had fun photographing it all.

People have been doing a good job of entertaining themselves. Linda gave a lesson on T-shirt braiding, men flew toy helicopters and kites, and drove toy cars. I finished reading a good book. Mostly there was lots of chatting, especially around the campfire in the evening. Plenty of s'mores were also to be had.

I tried hard not to think about all the things in Phoenix that we didn't get to that I would rather be doing...

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