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Cannons on the field battle - Bull Run One

Judith Henry's house

In Line at Ford's Theater







Today we went to Manassas. There soldiers fought the Battles of Bull Run I and II, where the northern soldiers got their butts kicked. The battle field looked like a park and except for the cannons you would never think there was a battle there. I saw a re-creation of a house on the battlefield where Judith Henry, an old lady died. She was the only civilian death of Bull Run 1. I felt amazed by being on this historic battlefield.

After looking at the battlefield we drove to Washington DC. First we went to Ford’s Theater where Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Boothe. Theater looks exactly how it appeared the night of the assignation. Then we went acxroos the street to the boarding house that Lincoln died in and learned all about how Lincoln has inspired oour nation since his death. There was a tower of books five stories high!

Next we went to our first Smithsonian, The Museum of Natural history. I really liked the gemstone section, so that’s what I’ll talk about. The first one was the Hope Diamond. This blue diamond went through a lot of history from France, to here. After that we went into a room with more gemstones. It had beautiful diamond rings and ruby necklaces. I was saying “whoa” and “look at that Auntie Jill” over and over. The last room had gemstones cut but not mounted, cut on rings and necklaces, and some not cut at all. There was this mineral that was shaped like a mushroom and it was a foot tall. Another was shaped and looked like glazed clay and it was beautiful. By now you might have noticed that I like gems and diamonds, so I bought two beautiful dolphins made of Aventurine. Wow, I had a great day.

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