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Indian ocean to the right, Southern ocean to the left

Lighthouse, built in 1895, rendered useless by a $59.95 GPS from Aldi...

Southern Ocean

Self explanitory

Old Waterwheel used to pump water to the lighthouse

Hamelin Bay

Off to Cape Leeuwin today. It’s always windy there and today it was only a moderate gale blowing….. Augusta is a tidy little town with only one bakery but you drive thru enroute to the Lighthouse.

It’s $5 to enter the Lighthouse grounds, $17 to get the tour to the top. I took lots of photos; Dad makes lighthouses and sells them at the Craft Shop.

This is the confluence of the Indian and Southern Oceans, theoretically the water on one side of the isthmus is around 18 – 20 c and on the other it’s around 3 - 6 c though this varies due to tidal and wind influences.

Found a sheltered spot for lunch in the town under some trees then drove home via Caves Road. Didn’t venture into any of the Caves instead I’m opting to spend the admission money at a boutique brewery or maybe the chocolate factory or perhaps some port from the Berry Farm…. Hamelin Bay looked popular but the weather would want to improve before I'd want to stay there.

Returned to Camp for a cuppa then took Gracie for a walk where she had a lesson in rounding up sheep, she was most attentive, watching with enthusiasm as one of the farm trainees did her work with the sheep keeping them in a tight knit mob following the camp owner’s daughter around the paddock….

A day of “indulgence” is planned tomorrow (we need the calories to keep our strength up) with visits to the Berry Farm, Chocolate Factory and a Brewery so far planned though the Lolly Shop for more boiled lollies is also a possibility….

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