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Just quick update of our very interesting day yesterday.

Left Huanchaco early in the morning - had to pull my tent down in the dark with my stomach demanding frequent toilet stops.

Took my gear to the truck and was greeted by Canning who had given my jacket to the porters who had carried his bags for him - I was just a little taken aback and a bit angry he did offer to get it back but I couldn't do that and he didn't think he had done wrong as he had overheard me saying that I was going to give it away - but as you can imagine I was -- what the-- a couple of days later when I needed it I actually yelled at him but he just said 'well I told you I would get it back if you wanted' - can you believe the arrogance.

On the road by 6am and a truck breakfast offered but not taken by me. Around 1 we arrived at a Gold museum which was really very interesting although I think I only took about an hour to see what should have taken much longer - lots of Inca gold artifacts some quite beautiful but of course no photos allowed. Had lunch in the museum grounds and then headed north for a further 6 hours of driving - hand,t gone far when we were stopped by a traffic blockage something to do with farmers and water rights - got held up for 5 hours! Read slept read slept.....

Finally got going and at around 8 stopped in a town for chicken and chips no idea where and Anki had her bag stolen. Ross gave chase and tackled the man and got the bag back...the shop owner called the police so we could have an escort back to the truck. They were taking too long so he sent his large black chef with us. The bodyguard - not sure if he knew what he was supposed to be doing!

OK so on the road again and we were pelted with rocks and stones by a group of about 30 or 40 teenagers they managed to dent the body and break one window - luckily no one was injured but we did have a few on the ground and our 19 year old squealed a bit - we just kept going- finally arrived at our beach camp at about 2am and had to put up our tents a nice warm night so not too bad and today we have spent swimming and lazing on the each - although I had scored truck cleaning today so had lots of glass to sweep up while Ross replaced the window.

All in all an interesting day.

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