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The surrounding countryside of Bac Ha

Anna gave this Hmong kid a tissue for his snotty nose

Meet the family

Stunning scenery around Ban Pho village

Typical village housing

One of the few H'Mong women to pose for us

Anna reporting:

Awoke to the tremendous noise of our train as we continued to grind northwards towards the border town of Lao Cai. When we finally arrived the four of us determinedly rebuffed all the touts offering to take us to our final destination of Bac Ha. Instead we put faith in our guide books and headed for the Public Bus station - this has now moved and is right near the train station - we wandered around town for at least an hour with our packs much to the bemusement of the locals.

For most of the bus journey we were harassed by "the conductor" who had decided that we should pay 50,000 Dong for each of our packs. We had only paid 30,000 Dong each for our tickets in the first place! We stood our ground and after what seemed like an age the man finally gave in, left us in peace and tried to charge a local extra for his guitar. What a joker!

We found a really nice GH in Bac Ha and after lunch at what seems to be the only restaurant in town (we went back for tea) we did a short trek (4km round trip)to the nearest Ethnic Minority village called Ban Pho. When we get a quick connection you will see some lovely pictures of brightly dressed "Flower People" and a taste of the amazing views over the terraced rice paddies. Our foursome was joined by a French man called Eduard so I also got a chamce to practice my rusty French on the way.

In bed by 9pm to catch up on all those hours we have missed recently.

Day 43 complete

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