2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

Hannah and Bela

Adam and Bela by Hannah's mom's vintage camper

Bela wants her penguin

The 2 campsites

Hannah's mom's vintage camper

Bela is ready for a stroll

Henry fishing

Adam tries a different spot

Hannah giving it a try

Dragonfly by the lake

Adam and Bela went down tbe slide

Hannah with Bela

Bela joins the fishermen

Bela and Hannah watch

Bela loved Blondie

Bela with Blondie

Papa and Bela

After a rainy Sunday night we had a beautiful day on Monday. We enjoyed a breakfast of French toast and sausage before Henry, Adam and Hannah went fishing. I walked Bela in her stroller and then we sat on a swing enjoying the day. They gave it a good try but didn't catch anything. We went to Clayton for lunch at Rumor Hazit, a Key West themed restaurant. Back at camp, Adam fixed everything we would need for steak and chicken kabobs for dinner. Henry and I relaxed while Adam and Hannah tried fishing again. Still no luck.

Even though it was in the 80's Henry and Adam built a fire so we could toast marshmallows and have S'Mores after dinner. The kabobs were delicious and we got finished with the s'mores just in time for a huge thunderstorm. It poured down rain all night.

We really had fun camping with Adam, Hannah and Bela. On Tuesday we all packed up and headed for Eatonton.

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