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The Pauper's Cemetery

And He knows their names

Just initials....

...and age

Pink cloud puffs

Daughters and Dad at shooting range up the road from the campground

A racing snowmobile ... but no snow

They are fancy!

And they're off!!

Dreaming of the future

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Bubba!

Racers across the road from the campground

Inside the cockpit

Another race car

There are little ones....

...and bigger ones

Some fancy remote controlled planes at the campground

Oktoberfest - Bob and Joe Maloy, Mr. Oktoberfest

Skoal! Lisa, Bill & Bob

Dancing Chickens

Mural on a building

Bob almost looks like he's part of the scene

Miss Nellie in the truck

Sam checking out the grapes...and Nellie checking out Sam

A beautiful memorial

One stanchion for each lost life

OTRA – NY – Caledonia


Waited until today to leave for Billy’s area. This way we won’t be driving with all the Labor Day traffic…although I wonder just how much there would have been since Labor Day in this area of New York was a complete washout. Anyway, on the road by 10:00 a.m. with only 141 easy miles to drive today. When we went over the bridge (Erie Canal) in Sylvan Beach, it was funny to see only three or four boats tied up whereas over the weekend there must have been 30 or 40...moored 3 abreast in some spots.

Pulled into Genesee Country Campground, our old favorite, around 1:00, same spot as last year. Sort of like coming home. Got set up and then it was off to see the grandgirls (oh, and Bill and Lisa, too) and join them for dinner.

I won’t brag too much about those kids here but I will tell you they are the neatest grandgirls I’ve ever met, LOL. Each one is so different...especially the middle one, Lauren the Actress...and they’re just getting too big too fast. I’d love to spend several months during the summer with them but they have so many activities, I doubt we’d see much of them. Lexi plays soccer and lacrosse; Lauren is into acting and dancing; and Abbey rides, plays soccer and dances. She wants to go out for volleyball this school year so riding might just be left in the dust.


Into Geneseo for some grocery shopping and to pick up an HP wireless printer so Bob can print some of his stuff without having to email it to me for me to print it. Well, what an experience this was! Could not get it set up wirelessly so just plugged in the USB cable and tried printing his calling cards. It didn’t print correctly so called a support tech. Spent 4 hours on the phone with that tech and finally came to the conclusion it was a bad printer. Of course, Bob did his usual ranting and raging around about what did I expect since it was made in China but what he doesn’t understand is that there are very, very few computer related things made in the USA any more and those that are are so expensive, there’s no way we could afford them! Needless to say, between him and the printer, I am NOT a happy camper right now.


I took the printer back and got another...not the same model. Brought it home, plugged it in and we’re off and running. It doesn’t print any better (well, maybe a little better) than my old printer (which I’m going to keep anyway) but the ink is 1/3 the price of the old printer ink. I don’t know if an ink cartridge will last as long but we’ll see. Even if it doesn’t, I can buy 3 new cartridges for the new printer for the slightly less than 1 cartridge for the old printer.


I went over to Bill and Lisa’s yesterday to go geocaching with Miss Abbey (oldest granddaughter) but she wasn’t feeling too well so just sat around and chatted for a bit. Since I am going to stay with the girls tonight while Bill and Lisa go to a wedding, I just stayed until it was time for them to leave.

The girls and I played some games, had dinner, took the dog for a walk around the block, then I watched them play on the WII. Bill and Lisa came home around midnight and home I went. Bob had gone to the clam bake put on by the local Lions Club down at the campground pavilion today and brought home 3 dozen clams. I had some of them when I got home and oh, they were good.

The race track across the street from the campground run go-carts and modifieds on Saturday nights but since they got rained out last weekend they also ran today. I feel so sorry for the people who were here just for this weekend because the races are LOUD!! First of all, in the a.m., there was target shooting at the range right up the road and then shortly after they were done, the car races started. So much for a quiet peaceful weekend in the country, LOL. I think Bob spent the day at both places.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting a friend who’s coming in from the Buffalo area to go geocaching. Batavia NY is about halfway between the two of us so we’ll meet there and geocache around that town.


Met Dianne, from the one RV forum, in Batavia to introduce her to geocaching. Found the first one okay but after that, we had a streak of 3 or 4 “did not finds”. How discouraging THAT was. Finally we started a “finding streak” and we finished the day with a couple of good finds. After that, we met her husband at the restaurant where we enjoyed a good early dinner.


Today was “visit the doctor day” for Bob He was supposed to get an MRI of the shoulder that he fell on in Quakertown if it didn’t improve within 10 days or so, per the orthopedic doc in Quakertown. Well, it’s been about 3 weeks now and it hasn’t shown any improvement so we stopped at an Urgent Care center to get a script for an MRI. Gee, no doctor there (just PAs) and they can’t order MRIs so on to another Urgent Care Center…same thing. Finally, at the third center, the PA there ordered a script to see an orthopedic doc this afternoon…Dr. Peartree. Cool name. Nice doc. He was able to get an appointment for the MRI tomorrow. Finally.

There was a potluck dinner at the campground tonight. Since it’s the end of the season, there weren’t a lot of people there but the food was good. Lexi had a lacrosse game tonight and I was going to go watch but Bill called and said she wasn’t feeling well so that saved me that trip.

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