Winter 2010 - 2011 travel blog

On Friday morning we were up at 6ish and get all the morning stuff done. Packed up the RV for the road and got ready to hook up the PU by 8.

I drove the MH out of the fairgrounds. No biggie - two turns and park in the parking lot to hook up the PU.

We then drove (or Ron did) about 15 miles east of Yuma to the Foothills area to where my instructor lives in the winter.

He directed us to an area where the streets are in but no houses built - he calls it his playground. He taught me right and left turns - the proper way as I drove around and around all the streets. Then we headed back into the subdivision where people live and I did right and left turns with cars, people, bicycles, etc.

Then the big test - Foothills Blvd. 2 lanes each direction - lots of strip malls - lots of traffic. Did great in the left turn from a 3 lane to a one lane. Around the block - now a right turn from a 3 lane to a one lane.

YIKES!!! As I made the turn - I have no power steering. It is like driving out old farm truck in the 1950s. I can't make the turn. I end up facing the guy in the turn lane coming toward me. He is NOT happy. But he and another truck back up so I can make the turn. I wave, smile and say thank you. He gestures that I am a number one driver!!

The instructor had Ron drive back to the playground as the wheel was so hard for me to turn. Then I practiced backing around a curve both left and right turns. And backing into a campsite both left and right. These didn't take as much cranking of the wheel as driving around corners do – so I could do it. I still had to crank the wheel.

The next thing was to go out on I-8 and go up a steep hill and back to Yuma. Since the steering and now the brakes were only working on and off - I opted not to do that. I want to practice what I've learned now. Then I will do interstates and hills.

Ron drove home as I was mentally exhausted. Good thing, too as the wind came up as we neared Quartzsite and with the steering and the brakes not working – I didn't want to try it..

We arrived home, turned on the AC is on, I had my celebratory fudge cycle, and all is good in the world. I made an appointment to get the MH brakes and PS looked at on Monday at 9.

Saturday I cleaned some of the stuff out of the RV. But mostly we worked on the Dish-TV hookup. We had no TV while in Yuma, but we thought that was because the dish antenna was messed up. The antenna here at the lot has been fastened to the pole for over a year. We still got no signal. The screen said that the controller couldn't find the satellite. I messed with it for quite a while. I even got out an old controller and it wouldn't read our card. Put the card back in our controller and hooked it up again – and it started working. I didn't do anything different. But not we have great reception on all the channels we are supposed to have. What I did – who knows!!

Sunday I cleaned and inventoried all the freezers and refrigerators and re-packed them. I have all the meat in the freezer in the shed; all the fruits, veggies and leftovers in the freezer in the 5th wheel and some ice cubes in the freezer in the MH. As far as the fridges go, the shed holds beverages and the MH has some non-perishables like mustard and jelly; all the rest is in the 5th wheel fridge.

It is now Monday and I am at the CCC doing my 4 hour stint here. We delivered the MH to the repair shop and are waiting to hear what is wrong and how much it will cost to fix.

While at the CCC, I have downloaded all the forms needed to do the taxes for the HOA. I can't see paying $210 for something that we can do ourselves. I suppose I should work on our taxes, too. I always hate to get started – but once I do – it goes quickly. I have all the documents collected and the software downloaded so I have no excuse not to do it.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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