Wandering Wolverines 2010 travel blog

US Post Office in Hyder

The Seafood Bus - I was going to get somethiing here last...

floating bldgs in Stewart, BC


there's a seal down there, doing flips & dives! Fun to watch....

downtown Stewart, BC

fairly large town, doing much better than Hyder!



where would they be w/o sheet metal around here?


a pretty waterfall

and then there's 2!

go away little cloud

bear grass ready to take flight

glacier right near road on the way out of Stewart


when the sun hit the snow, it was breath-taking!

so pretty

and big . . .

Totem Pole

very tall Totem Pole

more Totem's

more awesome views . . .




















an Eagle fishing at the edge of the river - in the...






Indians Fishing


spearing or snagging???

very scary to watch

think this would be a tough job to learn - you only...





Some of the Indians were using big nets

not many salmon yet - hard work tho

outstanding in his field!






what a dreamer. . .











the humming birds were very busy above me while I waited for...



Didn't get any journaling done, BUT - we washed the buggy today - all that dirt from the Top of the World Hwy, the Cassiar & many places in between. With all the rain we drove thru you'd think it would be spotless, but that stuff doesn't just wash off that easily. It looks so nice sitting here, shining in the sun! I did laundry & we both had showers - so we are about as clean as we can be until we get home & get the carpets cleaned! It is a very good feeling.

We are staying a a very nice RV park - the Shady Rest - beautiful flowers & everything is spotless - even the laundry is much cheaper than any others we've found on the road. Had trouble w/internet at 1st, but waited until ~ 10 pm & was able to get on, it's even very fast & hasn't let me down even once!!! I may stay here for awhile! Actually, I hate the thought of leaving this beautiful area & Ron even said I could always take a plane back home later . . .

It was mid / high 70s - very sunny - & cooled down very nicely tonite. I don't have my jounaling done for today, it was a great day overall - saw several totem poles, watched Indians fishing (looked very dangerous) & of course there was those mountains & glaciers -- we are in a big valley now, lots of small farms - what a big difference from what we've been seeing.

It's late now, I've updated the best I can for right now - will have to fill in the blanks later - I am sorry about the # of photos posted, I've cut out lots - just cannot pick favorites! Most of them are drive by shootings - I am often surprised at what I get at 50 mph! But with so much beauty - it isn't hard to get good photos! So good nite for now - will update again soon -- I hope!

Tomorrow we head towards Jasper/Baniff area . . .

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