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Escapees is an organization for Rv'ers run by RV'ers. We've been members since we've retired and are on the road more frequently. They have many services, but we really only take advantage of their mail service. Since the post office will only hold mail for a month, we have ours forwarded to a fictional address here in Livingston and they hold it and forward it to wherever we really are when we let them know. When we were Down Under last winter they just let it pile up. Their service is reliable and economical and we recommend it to anyone on the road for any length of time. We've always wondered where our mail really goes and decided to come here to Rainbow's End and pay it a visit.

Escapees also organizes rallies for its members to tour together. These can be simple rallies such as a gathering at the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque or more complex trips such as cruises. When you go on a cruise from an RV, you always need to consider where you are going to store it and how to get to the cruise terminal. Escapees makes it all happen. Another service is their Boot Camp, a training session for folks who are interested in learning how to RV full time, but inexperienced in the ins and outs of maintaining the rig.

There are a number of campgrounds run by Escapees all over the US usually in rural spots and they are very economical. Some have campsites to buy or lease for those full timers who want a spot to call their own for part of the year.

But this campground at Rainbow's End is the headquarters. It has some special features that are unique as far as we know. Every traveler knows that there will come a day when health problems could bring an end to his roaming. This is especially a problem for full timers who have no stick house to return to for convalescence. Here in Livingston, ailing Rv'ers can stay in their rig and have the kind of services assisted living would provide for very reasonable fees. The Adult Daycare can even handle moderate Alzheimer's. Arrangements are also made to provide a respite to spouse caregivers who need a break from the constant stress of living with an ailing loved one. Services are provided for those who are recovering from surgery or all the way to the end of life. Residents live in their RV's as they always have and walk a short way to three meals a day, nursing assistance, and activities. Laundry service and RV cleaning are also provided. Residents who need it are also helped with propane tank refills and holding tank dumping. Part of what keeps the prices so low are the many volunteers who work 28 hours/week for one or two months at a time. A truly unique and commendable program, but not quite how I envisioned the End of the Rainbow.

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