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Uradome Coastline

Uradome Coastline

Uradome Coastline

Uradome island

Uradome islands

Uradome pine

Yesterday I was in a fishing port on the South Coast, and 24 hours later I realised, I was in another fishing port on the North Coast (and trying to work out which the hell was the right bus stop before it got completely dark!). This was even further off the beaten track, not even any Japanese tourists. Here it wasn`t the town that was the thing, it was the coast itself. It took me six hours to get to the Uradome Coastline from Okayama, and as the bus was rolling along on the last stage I was quite dispirited. Three people I know have died in the last few weeks, two in the last week, and this was making me think a lot, and frankly I was worn out with the journey, and it looked like this coast was going to be a big disappointment. I had hoped for something a bit like California's Highway 1 Coast, but it was not looking good, and it was raining again!

But the rain stopped, and the coast was brilliant, easily as nice as the Californian Coast, and fairly similar in some ways. It was overcast, and I didn`t have the amount of time I would have liked (it was dark by the time I got the bus back from wherever it was), but the views were great, the walk stimulating, and my spirits were lifted right back up again, like they always are by great art or nature. I walked for three hours along the coast from where I got off the bus, and it was all gorgeous, and I would have walked all day if I had had the time before nightfall.

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