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Vegetable garden at Green Gables

Museum at Green Gables

Beautiful antiques at Green Gables



Lover's Lane at Green Gables


This fish for mussels in this bay

Streams at Green Gables

Beautiful wild rose bushes




Brackley Beach

We have had two fantastic days of sunshine and we have been getting up early just to watch the sunrise. PEI is just beautiful.

PEI seems to be divided into five sections North Cape Coastal Drive, Green Gables Shore, Red Sands Shore, Charlottetown and Points East Coastal Drive. Over the time period we are here we're going to try and see as much of the five sections that we can.

We drove the Green Gables shore on Friday and stopped at Green Gables which is the site that they pay tribute to Lucy Maud Montgomery who wrote Green Gables. We really enjoyed that they have museum of the house and it is fully restored and then you walk around the pathways winding through any different areas of flowers, streams and just a really pretty forest area.

Montgomery wrote in here journal "I had always a deep love of nature. A little fern growing in the woods, a shallow sheet of June-bells under the firs, moonlight falling on the ivory column of a tall birch...all gave me...feelings which I had then no vocabulary to express."

While walking through the garden area you could see why she had wrote various excerts that were in her journal. "A brook was laughing to itself in the hollows. Brooks are always in good spirits. They never do anything but laugh. It is infectious to hear them, those gay vagabonds of the valleys."

We spent a few hours just walking around Green Gables then we sat and had lunch at a picnic area they have on the property. Note for Trish: Yes we bought the blueberry muffins you talked about from there and they finished off our lunch just great.

We left Green Gables and while we were site-seeing you could see red stand-stone cliffs and rolling farm fields. We stopped at a little fishing village of Malpeque they had out in the water nets where they were catching oysters. They have along the drive lots of small little shops where you can buy various items made in PEI.

After our drive we came back to the campsite and had dinner and watched another beautiful sunset. The sunsets just keep getting more magnificent.

The next day we went downtown Summerside to the market but we didn't find the fresh vegetables we were looking for they had mostly baked goods and crafts there. We walked around the harbor and enjoyed the morning. We stopped at a butcher shop that was recommended by people in the park and boy did we get some good stuff. They will cut everything to however you want.

In the afternoon we drove up to Brackley Beach which is really nice. The shoreline has gorgeous sandy beach and you could walk out quite a ways before it got too deep. Brian went in for a swim and I went out to about my waist and when my toes started to go numb I knew it was too cold for me! We really enjoyed the afternoon on the beach just watching the little children running in and out of the water and all the families spending time together.

We have to say we did get a little burnt after spending about 4 hours there. We came back and picked up some fresh haddock for dinner we BBQ wrapped in tinfoil with some butter, onions and a little garlic it was absolutely fantastic. Our neighbours came over after dinner they are from New Mexico and we had a campfire and a few glasses of wine with them. Around 9:00 the owners lite a huge bombfire on the beach and they put on some great fireworks. They are leaving on Wednesday and going to Baddeck for four days which means we should run into each other again.

Today we had a leisurely morning and then went to church at 10:30. It was a very small church not many people there but the service was nice. We came back home and I made us brunch and we sat outside and ate it. Today is a bit cloudy and it's suppose to rain this evening but be nice for tomorrow.

We stayed home today because Brian had to fix our closet. The rod where you hang your clothes fell down (too many clothes) hanging on it. I told Brian he should get rid of some of his stuff (HA! HA!). Anyways I picked up a large bin and packed some of the clothes we don't need for now and stored them underneath. It took a lot of work to fix it but he did a fantastic job. I did laundry and got caught up with some housework.

Brian is making a roast for dinner and our neighbours are going to come over for another campfire tonight. Tomorrow we are going to drive up the North Cape Coastal drive.

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