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snowy driveway

Winter has been especially fierce in metro Chicago this year. We have already had more snow than we usually get ALL winter. The forecast for today, flight day, couldn't have been worse. When the temperatures get really cold, the snow usually doesn't fall. But the forecast predicted single digit temperatures, fierce winds, and twelve inches of snow. We tried to be proactive and change the flight to tomorrow, but the Qantas didn't want to talk about it. We watched our flight on the web. Monday it was cancelled; Tuesday it was cancelled. This morning we awoke to six inches of snow, more falling.

Since it costs less to rent a car locally and drive it to the airport than to take a limo, we decided to give that a try. The rental car was buried under snow drifts in the drive way and our feet were wet by the time we loaded the luggage. When the temps are low and the snow is deep we wear down jackets and boots - not exactly the attire appropriate for what we are doing the next three months. We got in the car to drive to the airport wearing the thinest of jackets and shoes, fingers crossed. The expressways were drivable at 30mph, but the gawkers slowed to 5mph every time we passed a car in the ditch. Sadly there were many of those. The 45 minute drive to the airport took over two hours, but we got there. And lo and behold the flight to Los Angeles was not cancelled today. We ended up leaving about 45 minutes late, but with these weather conditions, who could complain. Our friends Barb & Gary made it to O'Hare a few hours late on their flight from Detroit, but they had allowed plenty of time for the layover and we were all so so happy when we touched down on the tarmac and saw those palm threes. And even happier when we saw all our suitcases. Let the fun begin!

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