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Icebergs in Tasman Lake

Icebergs in Tasman Lake

Nick on the merraine of Tasman Glacier

Tasman Glacier & Lake with icebergs. Mount Johnson behind.


Cloud blowing off Mount Cook as seen from Tasman Lake

Lunch shelter

Wrapped up and taking it all in

In contrast to Monday night, last night was the coldest night we've had so far. In fact we thought about opening the fridge door to warm the place up! Not that you'd know it come the morning, because it was bright and sunny and pretty warm too.

Today we cycled to Tasman Lakes, which was about a 13 mile round trip. It was mostly gravel roads, and was pretty windy, and we also did a couple of short hikes when we got there, so no rest for the wicked!

We did a half hour walk to a lookout over the Tasman Glacier and Lake. That was really impressive and there were loads of icebergs, some quite big, floating in the lake. There were also some facts and figures about how quickly the glacier is melting, that were both amazing and depressing. We scrambled up another hill to get a better look, adding about another half hour to the walk. Then after lots of photes, we retraced our steps back down to the car (bike) park and ate our peanut butter sandwiches in the shelter there. By now the wind was getting up again and the clouds rolling in. We took another short hike up to Blue Lakes (which interestingly were actually green) and then got another lookout of the glacier.

It started to snow then, so we thought we'd better get to it, and cycled back. The last 3 miles or so were directly into the wind and although the road was flat and tarmac'd, I couldn't go more than about 5 mph. By the time we got back I was dead to the world, which is probably a good job because the camper was freezing again.

We curled up in our blankets again trying to get warm, did some reading.

Lamb chops for dinner - yummy.

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