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Pete and Sandi with four grandchildren, Poppy, Jasmine, Heather and Oscar

Bill leaving the funeral in the Tracker while Neal and his son...

Heidi with Pete's grandchildren Poppy, Jasmine, Heather(in back) and Oscar

The youngest granddaughter Isabel missed the group photo. Daughter of Natalie and...

Son Matthew and wife Mandi

Oldest daughter Heidi and husband Steve, parents of Poppy and Jasmine

Daughter Amanda with her daughter Heather telling a story about granddad Pete

Daughter Natalie and husband Tom with Pete's sister Susie

Pete's sister Rita and her husband Jim

Pete's sister Martha with her children Michelle and Joe

Friends of Pete's from the Sunwest Mobile Home Park, Harlingen

Long time friend and co-worker of Pete's - Patrick, wife Diana and...

Patrick with story about a trip to Rome in a VW Beetle...

Jim, Rita and Sandi laughing at the story.

It's Rita's turn to talk about Pete while Sandi laughs

Pete's cousin (and Bill's brother) Charles and his daughter Jo Pat

Michelle and my sister Betty

Bob asking the family permission to pay tribute to Pete on our...

Son Matthew telling his story

....with animation

Matt turns off the microphone to end the stories. The End

Dear Lord,

Please help me to say what I am feeling and what I am thinking.

For the healing that took place in the hearts of Peter and I this Christmas and New Year I give you my heartfelt thanks Lord. Something so precious and so special happened, that brought Peter and I together, as never before. A uniting of love and minds. A time of knowing how deeply and truly we loved each other.

We even talked about selling up here (in TX) and coming home to England for ever. Some of the children noticed the change. As we parted at Heathrow in January we hugged and clung and shared how much we would miss each other. I kept thinking, “Why are you going? I wanted to keep him with me.

This has been a terrible shock to each of us, but not to you Lord. You knew the day, you knew the time. Every detail, every step of the way You have gone before us, and made the way.

When I received the ‘phone call from Betty, I could have been alone, but you Lord had our little Mandi, there by my side. Betty said that to telephone me and to tell me the news was the hardest thing that she has ever had to do. I know that she has poured herself out for us practically and emotionally and Lord I ask that you would bless her in abundance for it.

I have been amazed that I have just been filled to overflowing with thankfulness for everything.

Our four children have been incredible. You have brought forth their individual strengths and those strengths have fitted together perfectly and been everything that I have needed. I know Lord that they are emotionally exhausted, but I know too, that you will carry each of them and help them.

No-one could know how to sort out a transatlantic death situation, yet within three days I had so many answers. So many closed doors opened and so much assurance of You making the way smooth for us. Lord for each and every person involved in that I give you my thanks and ask your blessings on them.

I am doing this for you Peter. I can almost hear you chuckle, “Thank goodness, for once they aren’t expecting me to make a speech.” I want to give you the honour and respect, that you have always deserved. As your wife, I didn’t always do that..

Some of you knew Peter very well, some acquaintances, but each of you here today is very special because you have come to give honour to the man Peter, who was husband, father and grandfather, brother, cousin and friend.

Peter loved to be with lots of people. He loved nothing better than to have our house bursting at the seams with family and friends and most of all little children. Any excuse for a gathering and celebration.

I do not know of anyone who could match his generous spirit. It didn’t matter who you were, if he could see a way to provide help, or to take you into our home and make you feel one of us – he did it. Oft times, he had no idea who the people were, but if I or one of the children brought them home then they were welcomed and accepted. We didn’t have “outlaws" only “in-laws”. The numerous people who have stayed with us over the years, some just visiting and blessing us, some with real needs, all were greeted with an ambiance of acceptance and unconditional giving that had my Peter at the helm. Sometimes I would murmur, but Peter always showed me another side to the story, usually the neediness of that person. He was rare, in that he never had expectations of others. He gave and gave and gave asking nothing in return.

He was a man who, through his own woundedness, had the most difficulty in verbalizing emotionally. That left each of us somewhat bereft. But do you know that there is a joy and a blessing even in that? Gushing sentimentality is an anathema to us, but one sincere word is truly a treasure. My children and I have such treasures from him. The more rare something is the greater its value.

Our family, children and grandchildren are the fruits of his love. He was so proud of them. It was the only time that he would forget himself and boast. I would nudge him and whisper, “You are boasting.”

HIS CHILDREN AND HIS GRANDCHILDREN WERE HIS PASSION AND HIS JOY. For a family that spent so much time geographically apart through work and other things, we have a bond of love and unity that transcends all. Peter was a man who excused and forgave all and he has left us a legacy of forgiveness and unconditional love.

Now it is finished in an earthly sense, but in our hearts, in all of our funny little

ways, we are snapshots of the effects of the person of Peter. I am so grateful that we made him happy. I keep asking whatever do people without God and without peace within their family do? I am so grateful that this little family of Peter’s has been drenched in God’s grace and that the Lord is carrying us all.

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