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Istvan Dobo square in Eger

The main downtown of Eger, from the castle




Eger - the search for a bed - Nick writing

We arrived in Eger in a different way than any other town. No, we did not arrive by baboon-powered balloon (though that would have been cool) - we just arrived without any plans for accomodation. We figured that we would find an internet cafe, and choose a place when we arrived. However, this cunning plan was dependant on turning the right way when we arrived at the bus station. We turned the other way (or, more correctly, the wrong way) and walked away from the downtown town centre, in a distinctly non-internet cafe, non-cafe, non-accomodation kind of way, with two full bladders, and very cold feet and hands.

When we finally got ourselves oriented (or orientated - which one is the made up word from Survivor?), it was getting late, and we were getting colder, so we hit up the only internet kiosk we could find - at McDonalds. A stainless steel internet kiosk (easier to wash off the grease of the french fries and orange drink, I guess), that helped us find a nice hotel.

We had a great time in Eger, sampling the local wine (Egri Bikaver, or Bull's Blood. A great name for a wine), walking around, visiting the thermal bath, and chilling at the actual internet cafe, which turned out to be located just down the street from the McTerminal. We were sad to leave, but before we did, we picked up some touques and mitts from the department store so we could remember the town (and keep warm...)

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