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The beach at Trinity Harbour

Perhaps I should just use cut and paste for the opening line hear each day; "We awoke to overcast skies and the threat of rain."

The added feature today was the cool (cold) tempurature, about 13C. In addition to our rain gear we donned our long johns. I checked the calander to make sure we hadn't overslept by a month or so. This is still August issn't it?

It is a shame the weather is so poor because Twillingate is a beautiful area that would offer stunning photo's with a little sunlight.

We took a brief tour of the the east side of Twillingate harbour then headed south on a little dirt ATV track. It was a great way to start the day and boosted our spirits a little. Always fun to get of the pavement.

We eventually hooked up with the main route south to Gander and the TransCanada Highway. We stopped at Gander and the sun suddenly broke through the clouds for a few minutes. It had been so long since we had seen it we were nearly blinded and were both squinting.

After Gander it was a couple of hours of boring highway driving with lots of traffic due to this being the start of the labour day weekend. I think they must find the most mundane routes they can for these high speed highways so there is nothing to distract you.

At Port Blanford we left the TransCanada and headed north up the Bonavista penninsula. The pace immediately changed as the narrow road wound its way around the inlets and many small communities. The tempurature had risen and although it was still overcast it had not rained all day. Once again we were enjoying the ride.

At the visitor information centre for the pennisula we discovered almost all the accomodations were fully booked due to the long weekend. After several phone call the lady at the centre found us a room at a small lodge in Trouty, a small dot on the map on Trinity Bight. It sounded a little dogy on the phone but we figured it was better than tenting in the rain.

Trouty is a very small community near the end of a very narrow, hilly and twist road. It consists of a dozen or so houses and a small church. The houses are nested amoungst the rocks along a small river that cuts it's way through the rocks on it's way to a small bay on the ocean.

Our room, although old, was very clean and well cared for. It opened onto a porch overlooking the boasts tied up along the little river. This is a very serene place and we fell in love with it immediately.

As there is nowhere to eat in Trouty we headed to nearby Trinity which is a very old and historic village. There are a couple dozen fully restored building from the mid 1800's and the location is very picturesque.

Trinity is obviously very popular as there is a theater that runs 2 or 3 plays daily and several resturants and gift shops. We had a great meal on the waterfront then headed back to our little sanctuary at Trouty just as darkness was setting in.

We were about to retire when a large moose with a calf came out of the darkness and sauntered past our balcony then down road in front of the lodge. The day started on a bit of a low note with the cool cloudy weather in Twillingate but the day just kept getting better by the hour. The late night moose capped things off perfectly.

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