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John and Donald enjoying the scenery

Beating Mother at Horseshoes

Donald's pic of us oldoes walking in the park

The Woods' Place in Port Charlotte

Swimming in one of 4 pools at Maple Leaf Estates

The boy is all worn out

Donald's first gator

Riding in the dingy

At the beach

Fishing off the pier

Got one!

My first snook

Sheep's head

Got another one!

Not sure?

Snow crab and Shrimp Alfredo

Mom and Dad arrived on Tues Nov 21st with Donald after a long drive down and delivered him to the boat at Royal Palms Marina in Englewood. We spent the night there and walked into town for dinner. Donald had his first taste of Mahi Mahi, done Jamaican Jerk style.

Yesterday we Dad picked us up at the marina and drove us to their place in Maple Leaf Estates and today is American Thanksgiving so the Captain has a turkey in the oven and it's almost time to get the potatoes and veggies going.

We explored the park this morning and Donald and I played a game of horseshoes. I lost badly and we were pretty hot so we enjoyed a nice swim in one of the park's 4 pools.


We are back at the marina after a couple of days at Mom & Dad's. We took the dingy over to the beach and got Donald into salt water for the first time. He didn't care for the taste of it much but had a good swim and collected shells for Krista.

We fished from the pier at the marina and caught a wide variety of cool fish! Then the Captain spoiled us with a feast of Shrimp Alfredo and Snow Crab. MMMMMM

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