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We were awake, up and dressed by 6:30 AM. We drank our morning coffee while talking quietly about the wonderful time we have had at our first ever RV Rally.

One of the talks at the rally was given by Linda Payne where she spoke of the big changes in your life as a full-time RVer. She spoke of the emotional aspects of leaving home, family, and friends for a life on the road. She mentioned that we all go through a grieving process when we make those lifestyle changes.

I mentioned to Marilyn that we also go through that same emotional state when we have been together with our RV friends for awhile and then we scatter, moving in different directions from each other. We part with these good friends with hugs, handshakes, and promises to get together again. Then we climb into our rigs and move on down the road, talking about these same good people we just left and hope to meet again.

Marilyn & I were all hooked up and ready to roll before 9:00 AM. We said our goodbyes to the people who were handy and left the ABC Campground a few minutes after 9:00.

One and a half hours later we rolled into the Withrow State Park near Huntsville, Arkansas.

We were delighted that site #46 had opened up and we could have it. This was the site occupied by our friend, Tim Thorpe, when he was here, and he had shown us pictures of it.

I mention each day in my journal that we just can’t wait to see what adventures the day has in store. Well, some days have truly unexpected adventures waiting for us. Shortly after checking in and paying our fees we climbed back in the truck with no directions what-so-ever from the staff. I took the first left turn after leaving the visitors center, climbed a steep hill and continued for a short distance. Somehow this didn’t look right. Suddenly our paved road turned into dirt, narrow, with no place to turn around. As I contemplated how I was going to back down this road for about a mile, I parked and walked ahead, ignoring the big dogs standing in the road barking at me. I found a turkey farm just ahead. It appeared to be deserted and had enough room to turn around on the gravel lot. Good enough for me!

Soon we were back on the road and headed in the correct direction. We found our site easily enough and noticed that there was an older Class C next to us. They had no hub caps on the wheels, blinds were broken, a large tent was set up along with a shelter over the picnic table, kids of every shape and size were all over the place, and the music was playing at a noise level about 3 db above the threshold of pain.

Oh Boy! Another adventure!

As we were setting up, a van drove up with some people about our age. They were originally from Wichita, now retired and living in Springdale, Arkansas. They were interested that we were full-timers and stayed to visit for about an hour or more. Nice people but I wish they had come by after we were all settled in. They have a motor-home and a house in Springdale.

Once these good folks left Marilyn & I finished setting up, cooked a hotdog and ate that with some chips and a cold drink.

We began to relax and Marilyn said that she is feeling like we have our lives back. We are in the boonies with no cell phone service, no internet service, no TV except for one channel. We can watch ABC even though it isn’t quite without fuzz. Life is good except that we would have liked to be able to watch the Golf playoffs today.

Maybe we’ll go into Springdale tomorrow, pick up some groceries and talk to the folks at Wheels RV.

As for today, well it has been a good day and we just can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store…..

Note: Pictures later

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