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Not a real moose - but we have now sen one!

Foggy morning - on the Algoma highlands

Wecome to Sault Ste Marie

Free coffee here from a fellow biker

Bridge to the Canada ( from Sault Ste Marie USA)

typical river front home in the Sault

Bruce MIne - 1st Copper Mine in Canada

Thessalon : small town - big flowers

Sunset at the Campsite in Thessalon

Day 41 Pancake Bay to Thessalon

160.8 km for 6 hr 27 min @ 224.9kph total time 8 hours

planned distance 167 km

A little rain overnight - but finished by morning - quite warm & humid - the inside of the tent fly was very wet. Another century day ( 100 miles) - down hwy 17 the whole way. The hwy was very busy and the shoulders very narrow at some locations - made for an interesting day of riding . Got ot high of about 24 degrees.

Just down from the camp site we saw our first moose - it wasn't moving very fast - actually it was a carved wooded moose

- at the Agawa Indian Craft Store. It was very foggy starting out - changed glasses several times - from dark shades to yellow - then some sun & back to dark - then fog & back to yellow - at times it was difficult to see more than 100 meters in front or back - at the sound of cars we would stop well off on the gravel shoulder. After about 30 minutes and the next valley the fog lifted - it seemed to be located only around Pancake Bay - Did get good picture of fog in the surrounding Algoma forest/highlands.


The route into the Sault was very hilly - the ending of the Canadian Shield - the last hill big hill was "Mile High Hill" - about a steep ( ugly) 2 km climb that gradually over 10 kms fades into the Sault.

The busy point of the day was going through Sault Ste. Marie

. Actually the route through the city was quite direct - however some site seeing & side trips and scenic river drive ( at least advertised as such - we did not see much of the river (channel) only very expensive houses backing onto the river

. Locks were built in Sault Ste Marie in 1895 to connect Lake Superior & Lake Huron - they are now heritage loicsk and the canal is used for recreation. This is also a connection point to Sault Ste Marie in Michigan - over an international bridge

. Going into the Sault our first stop was a the Algoma Water Tower Inn

- we had met the owner (JJ) yesterday at a restaurant stop just south of the Provincial Park - he was out cycling for the day - He was aware of Tour du Canada and he himself had done the Tour d"Africa in 2005 ( 12,000 km, 120 days, $10K) - he invited us all to stop at this hotel / restaurant for free coffees ..

Several other interesting towns along the way - one being Bruce Mines - the site of Canada's first copper mine ( in 1847)


After the Sault the route was relatively flat - only some rolling hills ( 15s & 20s a few 10s) . However, going south & south east, we continue to get more headwinds & cross winds then we do tail winds -

Ever since we entered Ontario there have been 1St Nation lands, reserves, facilities , craft shops etc almost continually along the trans Canada highway . Ojiboway, Ojibwa, Huron & Cree predominate but there are many other smaller tribes. There is a great variation in the prosperity of the various groups. Most towns have collate rate social issues - Kenora most evident.

We stayed at Pinecrest Park (private site) near Thessalon

. Nice beach - did not go swimming - but real nice sunset

. We find the days are getting shorter - we are now seeing the sunsets & sunrises.. Before we had been in bed before sunset & up after sunrise.

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