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The central square of Sopron



lunch time

European elephant?

We started the side trip with a train ride to a Hungarian city on the Austrian border. It is super cute and is just off the tourist track enough to make it feel like a find. We spent the night there, having dinner on the main square with live music playing next to us. Moving on had a few problems, though. First the train that we were planning on taking did not run on Sunday, so we had to take a later one. Ticket office was also not open on Sunday. Once the conductor came to check on/sell tickets there was a problem. He wanted Euros (apparently the line is run by the Austrian railway company). I offered him Hungarian currency, 3 different kind of credit cards and US dollars. He wanted only Euros, asking what they pay in Austria with. I said that at the moment we are still in Hungary, and I saw no signs that in Hungary the local currency is no longer accapted for a transaction. He repeated his question two more times if in Austria they pay with Euros or with Forints. I was thinking that I wish that the dollar would do the way it used to, so I could say that „You are using that European dollar wanna be." Eventually he took the Hungarian money, though.

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