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One of the neighborhoods here at The Great Outdoors has a New Year's Eve block party every year. People bring food to share, a DJ plays music we can remember and the ball drops at 10pm. Even then some of our fellow geezers have a tough time staying up that long. We took the golf cart out for a spin to check out the action and admire the Christmas lights that are still up. There are always some impressive displays, attributable to owners who worked for Disney World before they retired. But we could not linger. Duty called and we spent New Year's Eve as we always do these days recording the RV Navigator podcast for January. It seems to be our most popular show. Perhaps the fact that we drink champagne while we record it has something to do with it. Ken spent this morning editing it and by lunch time listeners stopped by to give us a sponge to mop up the leakage from the toilet Ken was repairing that we had mentioned. Ha ha. If your fans are waiting, deadlines must be kept!

Otherwise our life here has been about as exciting as it is at home. Ken got the satellite dish working again, revived the DVR which had become unplugged, and got that toilet replaced. This sort of repair is always more challenging than it needs to be, because the fittings that are used by household toilets do not fit an RV toilet. With a minimum of swearing and one more trip to the hardware store, he jerry rigged the plumbing and will look for a better solution once the stores open again tomorrow. We made an appointment at the on site repair facility to get the A/C repaired next week. Still in need of attention: the ice maker does not work, the headlights don't work and we need to buy new tires and house batteries. We have a long RV trip planned next summer and we want everything to be in perfect condition before we hit the road. When we left home to come here we got an engine warning that the antifreeze level was low. Did we have a leak? Ken added water as a temporary measure, which got us here OK and hasn't been able to locate the appropriate antifreeze thus far. Even Amazon has let him down.

Currently we are camped on our site that has a little building on it for two weeks until our friends from home will bring their trailer here. I'm using this time here to bring the jungle that is our little yard back under control. This job was made much easier, because one of our podcast listeners who lives here, gave it all a trim last summer. Everything the previous owner planted has thorns. If I was more ambitious I would rip it all out and start over. Even though I wore long sleeves, my arms look like I had an unfortunate encounter with a lion. As an Illinois gardener I have lots to learn.

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