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Today's route

Old hotel on US40

It's county fair time in Ohio

Early moon rise

Combine makes its way down the highway

We passed Cake Creations Bakery several years ago and it's still in...

US40 is the National Road originally commissioned by Thomas Jefferson

An Airstream going for a ride

Going from Ohio to Indiana

US40 in Ohio and Indiana

Giant candles from the Candle Shop

Accident on US40

I495 South closed down for construction

MGB in tow

Winnie at Terre Haute KOA

Not a bad day of traveling. We switched back and forth from I70 and US 40. I70 is a terrible road east of Indianapolis with lots of unevenness and pot holes that shook Winnie. Much smoother driving on US 40 and very little traffic and much more relaxing. I screwed up when we got to Indianapolis on US 40 when I chose top get back on the Interstate. the ramp onto I465 South was closed which was the way I wanted to go, so I got on I465 North and after a short distance it was bumper to bumper as far as you could see. Another bad decision to get off I465 as many of the interior roads were bumper to bumper also. Crawling along in traffic is not one of Winnie's song suits as the engine heats up and the AC loses effectiveness. After crawling through the eastern part of Indianapolis, we were able to get on I65 which got us back on I70 after a short distance. The rest of I70 on the west side of the city was pretty smooth so we decided to stay on it all the way to Terre Haute KOA. We stayed here in theist, but it seemed to have been spruced up quite a bit since then. We should make it to the St. Louis area tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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