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Trying to eat in our cabin

Aah, finally in Varanasi...at the Ganpati Guest House

With the train creaking, rattling, swaying and pitching too and fro all night both Marlys and I got very little sleep. Fortunately, the kids were more impervious to the physical deprivations and dropped off pretty quickly. The A/C was more suggestive than actual most of the time and I began to seriously question how the Indian Railway gets away with calling it both first class and A/C, when it clearly is neither!! Still, quite the experience to get up in the middle of the night to stagger down the hallway to the Western style toilet. It makes one appreciate what one has at home that much more!!! At 2 a.m. we were favoured with a heated argument in Cabin B (or possibly C), but since it was in Hindi I can't tell you what it was about. At 7:15 a.m. the train attendant came by and asked for our breakfast order. As I had finally gotten to sleep I mumbled out my order and went back to sleep. Marlys and the kids ate their omelette on toast sandwiches, washed down with some now lukewarm water. This was the first of many interruptions (wash the floor, take out the garbage, spray the cabin with rose water, chai, the other Cabin A person who needed to be shunted to Cabin C, lunch order, delivery of lunch, chai, take out the garbage again, take out the bedding, finish taking out the bedding they didn't take the first time, bring in the new bedding, ask us for our dinner order (no, we are getting off at Varanasi)). Yes, it is a lonely existence on the Indian Railway!

Our train was late getting into Varanasi and we were hustled off the train, with Marlys leading the way, leaping to the platform with her bag while the train was still moving. She stuck her landing and I rated her style as 9.8 for an overall score of 9.9! Very impressive.

Our ride was waiting for us just outside the station and we headed into Varanasi by A/C taxi. Bliss! As our hotel is in the old part of Varanasi (read older part, since every part of Varanasi is old) we had to leave our taxi and walk 15 minutes to our hotel. Crowded streets, crazy traffic and the winding, twisting of the laneways of Varanasi to our hotel. After checking in and scheduling a walking tour for the next day it was up to the rooftop restaurant for dinner. Okay meal and the service was so, so...we found out the next day that the World Cricket Finals was on between England and New Zealand which explained by every hotel employee was glued to his cell phone! Spoiler Alert: England won! Apparently it was very exciting for those that know about cricket!

After dinner we went to our rooms (our rooms have balconies and overlook the Ganges River) and then packed it in after a long day.

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