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Tuesday 4 June

Pushed on in the afternoon and anchored on the Isola Capraia. The anchorage was lovely underneath the tower.

Wednesday 5 June

Left mid morning and headed for Corsica. Had in the beginning a slow torturous sail and then after passing the island we had a sprightly sail in SSE’ly winds blowing F4-6 and then around Cap Corse it was blowing F7. After half an hour the engine was on and then we anchored off Centuri, on the north west tip of the finger of Corsica.

The views from the anchorage were great – looking upon small villages built into the hillsides.

Thursday 6 – Sunday 9 June

Headed south and anchored off Sant Florent. Lovely anchorage. Stayed here a number of days catching up on stuff and waiting for the right winds. Gen started on the new bemini and I stitched a couple of things. Went ashore a couple of evenings and enjoyed some wonderful meals – new foods and food haven’t had in such a long time (oysters, scallops – great to be back in France).

You really feel you are in a different country. From the architecture, culture, food and attitudes of the locals. Everything is different. Provisioning has been interesting – we are getting a little excited at seeing different foods (cheeses, salami’s, meats, breads, wines etc.). Loving it.

It’s been interesting comparing the weather forecasts and what’s actually happening – it’s like a micro climate here. You can see the winds coming down from the mountains but at least the swell is bearable.

Sunday 9 June

Took diesel and then anchored near Grande Ile Rousse with the intention of finishing the bemini.

Monday 10 June

Swell started rolling in due to westerly winds so we up’d anchor several hours early and headed for mainland France. A bit of a nasty swell in the W’ly F6 but eventually we got a bit of a rollee sail in. Wind died as forecast and we motored throughout the evening/morning.

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