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The festivities


Glorious sunset

04 10 Feb. 20, 2019 At Sea and White Night

Another day at sea began with an amazing sunrise. This has been a cruise with the most days at sea and taught us not to take an ocean crossing cruise in the future! It was a leisurely time at sea with not a lot of rolling and pitching. Tom tried a hot dog from the patio. It was a bit better than the one from Chile, but still not like back home. Many of the passengers were spread out on the pool deck absorbing the rays. Deck five also has deck chairs and is out of the direct sun making it one of our favorite places to lounge around and not get burned. Anne’s knitting group had its last meeting and the eight members posed for a farewell with champagne.

The big event of the day came in the late afternoon with the Azamara traditional “White Night” party. Tom and Anne had their whites on and after a dinner in Discovery, viewed the festivities from deck ten. A sunset to rival the morning sunrise closed our day at sea.

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