Mom and Dad’s fall trip 2018 travel blog

Mom over looking Brinkley Pit

Our selfie at Brinkley Pit



This morning we woke up to freezing cold. The truck was frozen over and hard to get into. When I took Brady out first thing in the morning it was probably 29 degrees.

After breakfast and I thawed the truck out, we went on a scenic route through the town of Butte. The information was pretty cool and it was neat to see how the town was change from the past. We finished the tour with a visit to the Brinkley Pit. It was suppose to cost us $2.00 each, but there was no one to collect it. So It was free.

Once we got on our way we headed up into he mountains and it had snow all over, but the roads were clear. We are now in 56 degree weather, just to warm up then we head to the cold stuff again tomorrow. The KOA we are staying at is pretty nice with the exception of our site it appears to be the only muddy spot whole park.

*I love Butte Montana! Such a charming town!

*I couldn’t sleep and found Butte has an audio tour we can take.

*In the morning we drove around and did the self tour. Sooooo coooool!!!! Lots of history.

*We ended up at an old copper mine pit. Supposed to pay $2 but we just walked through the tunnel.

*We left Butte around 9:30. Drove to Billings Montana. Perfect weather all the way.

Arrived In Billings around 3:30. Weather in the 50’s

*Our KOA campgrounds is nice but sucks at the same time. Our spot is the only muddy space! And when I was helping dad back the trailer this space a huge drain that I stepped in and fall hard on the ground. Skinned up my elbow. So thankful I had a jacket on!

*We went to walmart to get chains for the truck. I stayed in the car with Brady.

*We had chicken tacos for dinner.

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