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Just loved this enchanting city of Bordeaux (yesterday it was Charming Bordeaux, I can’t find an all encompassing word to describe this city so today it is enchanting).

Cameron, Bordeaux reminds me a lot of Lucca in Italy, cobble streets, wandering in and out of little passageways amongst these beautiful old buildings whilst checking out the locals going about their daily lives.

I am not usually so much into the architecture and buildings, that’s Cameron’s passion, I’m more interested in the ambience of a city, what makes the local people tick, their lifestyle and what they eat, however I really enjoyed the wonderful city structure and amazingly beautiful old stone buildings in Bordeaux.

I am really pleased I decided to have a two day break from Paris to ensure I had plenty of time to explore Bordeaux as I thought I would enjoy the city. I return in a weeks time to discover the most important aspect of Bordeaux, the wine region.

I started the day really early walking along the river into the city, it was a beautiful morning with the fantastic early light play on the stone buildings and reflections on the river.

Seeing all the river cruise boats and masses of people on board again made me wonder if I would ever want to join one of those tours as I so enjoy wondering around on my own and exploring my own sightseeing interests in my own time.

I wondered around the city all day, getting lost, enjoying the Saturday morning local markets which is always fun watching the locals haggle over prices. The best scene was a large attractive looking African lady who was purchasing 2 live chooks, the haggling, then the effort involved in getting the two squawking birds into a cardboard box, all the while the seller and purchaser are having a very loud and powerful discussion.

I don’t know why the French need to babble away in that funny non English language of theirs as their body language and especially facial expressions say it all.

A raspberry blow means ‘I don’t know and don’t care’, dropping their jaw in different directions can be interpreted in many ways, but the most distinctive and easiest form of communication or understand what a Frenchman is saying, is by counting the number of La la la la la’s and the intensity of said la la la’s absolutely says it all.

So by the time the Chooks were on their way, I’d eaten my banana and berries and continued on to discover new and interesting parts of Bordeaux.

I spent a lot of time people watching today and discovered that even on a 26 degree day, only a Frenchman can get away with wearing a scarf and still look dapper rather than hot and sweaty like the rest of us. A Frenchman also carries his man bag with such suave unlike our chaps who mostly tend to look like they are carrying a Coles shopping bag. (Ah whoops, I think Frank was being made to carry a man bag in Italy, check out how the Europeans manage it Frank, so cool)

And the shoes, I better not get started on that subject again, the tourists are all in sneakers, the Frenchwomen strut around elegantly (doing a better version of Craig Mc Laughlin in Rocky Horror heels) in sky high heels and the most stylishly beautiful footwear, a pleasure to watch.

After a big day, I retrieved my bag from the hotel ( I stayed in the middle of a local neighbourhood beside a seniors citizen club, block of units and a kiddies park, so enjoyed checking out the local every day activity) for my 3 hour relaxing train trip back to Gay Paree.

I had intended to hike over to the Eiffel Tower to see the light show when I arrived but sadly, old age is creeping up and energy levels were depleted by the time I’d reached my hotel.

It was a great experience returning to a Paris, I felt like a local not even requiring a Metro map, it felt like coming home and to think of how unfamiliar and complicated Paris felt when I arrived last Wednesday. If it’s that familiar, it must be time to move on, especially as I’ve now mastered the language with my facial expressions, sound effects and particularly my la la la la’s.

I’m about to hit the Notre Dame for an early morning visit, I wasn’t going to spend much time in Museums and churches during this trip as I did them all on previous visits, but like the Picasso museum, I have decided I would really like to visit the Notre Dame again.

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