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Library kiosk

Gates at Halifax airport

Our plane in Saint Pierre rain

Hotel room 1

Hotel room 2

We went to breakfast about 9:30. Our flight to St. Pierre wasn't until 3:00. We checked out at 11:00, packed the car and went down by the lake to read until 12:00. (Check-in for our flight did not begin until 12:00.)

I looked at the weather for St. Pierre and it looks like our run of wonderful weather is ending. The whole week has rain scheduled and highs of 61 degrees, bummer.

The airport was only 11 km away from the inn. We arrived quickly, found our Park and Fly lot. The van was waiting to take us to the terminal. We were the only ones at the check-in desk. After we handed over our US passports, the woman turned to the other and asked if we needed visas. The reply was not yet. We immediately apologized about Trump.

On the way to security, we saw an interesting idea - a library kiosk for you to. Use your library card to have a book to read on your trip. We saw them near the gates also. We breezed through security. (We didn't have to take off our shoes, and water bottles were ok. Who knew?)

Our gated number 3. We walked down to the end of the terminal past number 10, then there was the waiting area for gates 1-9 for commuter aircraft. Translation, we would be walking the Tarmac to our plane.

We boarded was to start at 2:15. Small airline, they don't even fly everyday, so we boarded/walked to the twin-prop plane at 2:50. Most of the way to the plane was undercover, then at the assigned gate you walked to the plane. Small plane we were row 8C & 8D. Beginning with row 9, the AB side of the aisle was everyone's luggage. There were about 30 people on the 2 hour flight.

I was pleasantly surprised that we received a small meal on the flight. I had the ham sandwich and Jean took the turkey croissant. We landed in fog and rain. We did not have to fill out any forms, and quickly passed through passport control. Typically, our luggage was the last to appear. By the way, Saint Pierre and Miquelon are another hour ahead, so instead of landing at 4:40, we landed at 5:40.

We were met by a young lady from the hotel who drove us the short distance to Nuits Saint-Pierre, our hotel. The accommodations through the hotel included free wi-fi, breakfast and transportation. We had a room on the third floor that was a very nice small suite.

We had reservations for dinner at 7:00 (19:00) at La Creperie. It was a five minute walk from the hotel. I had Beef Bourguigon for my entrée, and Jean had a galette (breaded cheese with bacon in a wrap), and for dessert we had sundaes.

We took a different route back to the hotel where Jean took a bath in tub next to the bed. Found some TV channels in English.

(Note: the map will not recognize any of the cities for Saint Pierre and Miquelon so it will remain on Halifax until we return to Halifax)

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