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Day 6

Today at 830am we boarded a bus to tour Zaandam. Arriving in Zaandam we were an hour behind schedule because of Friday morning traffic. It was raining and off we walked to see the historic windmills. These windmills sawed wood, turned plants to dye, crushed everything from nuts to mustard seed, and could produce oil, and acted as pumping stations. If a world wide power outage the Dutch would still survive.

Tulips are not indigenous to the Netherlands. They were brought in from the Middle East.

In Marken we watched a demo on how they make cheese and sampled it ALL. Got on a boat to Volendam watched wooden shoes being made. Then had a “take away “ lunch of a folded round bread filled with shrimp, fresh vegetables, and a delicious sauce.

On to The Hague,capital of the Netherlands. I like going down embassy row and seeing the US flag. Then to Madurodam the miniature park. It was all of the sites we’d seen and a lot more that we hadn’t. Everything from oil rigs to the airport. Tour boats were running on the canals ,cars moving down streets, it was so detailed. My old Barbie dolls could retire there.

At 930pm we arrived back in Amsterdam. A long day filled with new information, food, people from everywhere. It is the best kind of exhaustion.

I had some of you ask If we felt safe walking to the train station in the early evening and at night. The sun rises here by 5:30am and doesn’t set till after 10:00 pm. So it’s light out. We decided it’s because we’re closer to the artic circle. I have no idea if that’s why the days are longer

Second question: How do my husband and I stand each other after long days, strange food, crowded buses. We decided to pinky swear. Swear that if one of us getting cranky or upset the other one says pinky swear and we hook fingers without yelling at each other or saying anything to start an argument. Sounds stupid but it makes us laugh every time.

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