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Breakfast of Champions!! Still my favorite breakfast on the road!!

Bend Oregon, Drake Park and the Deschutes River on a beautiful May...

Time to unwind in Bend Oregon, one more day until we reach...

One Week and One Day, 4,500 miles across America by rental car, numerous hotels and more fast food than i would like to admit to . . . WE MADE IT TO PORTLAND!!!!!!

Why is that important? Well for no other reason than it is another step closer to our starting point in Astoria, OR. The original plans were to fly to Portland while our bikes were shipped out here. How easy would that have been?? Yes it would have been easy!! However the fact was we had invested time and money to have our new bicycles measured and fitted to each of our needs and comfort, not unlike having a new outfit altered to perfection! Why would we take them apart to ship them and have someone else reassemble them?? It didn't make a lot of sense so we found one way rentals and decided it would be FUN to drive!!

It was fun! But it was also a little gruelling with long hours in the car. Mike did most of the driving, he makes a better driver than passenger unless he needs a nap! I have a ton of things to keep me busy as I am being driven along so as long as he is happy to drive I am happy to navigate, book reservations, make phone calls, knit and whatever else comes up!! Teamwork!

What an amazing road show it was! The changes in geography, vegetation, weather, isolation, heavy traffic cities, small one dwelling towns and maps made every minute different and exciting . . . Or not exciting just different! We saw so much landscape it was all rather amazing. There is nothing like a trip like this to give you even the smallest insight as to the size of the United States. Wait!!!! What am i talking about?????? We are about to embark on another cross country trip BY BICYCLE!!!!

This must be nerves making me ramble on and on . . . Trying to channel all the emotion swirling around right now! We are all settled in a cozy room in Portland Oregon. We took the car back early, it was easier to return it this evening after all the rush hour traffic instead of starting off in the morning rushing to try and beat the morning rush hour commuter traffic to the airport.

We did experience a first for us . . . We used Uber to get us back to the hotel from the airport! I feel as successful and glowing with satisfaction as grandmother texting on a smartphone for the first time! So funny how these little accomplishments make you feel just a little bit smarter!! We fit right in with all the other savvy travelers standing curbside at the airport, glued to our phones, checking license plates and signaling our driver once we identified our ride!

I guess we are ready!! We have the day tomorrow to do whatever we feel like doing! 2 more sleeps!!!!

Thanks everyone for hanging in there!!

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