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Black Hills 1

Miners Gateway Tunnel

Black Hills 2

Black Hils 3

Spearfish Canyon 1

Spearfish Canyon 2

Spearfish Canyon 3

Spearfish Canyon 4

Bridal Veil Falls in Spearfish Canyon

Spearfish Canyon 5

Cindy going VROOM VROOM!!!!!

Roughlock Falls 2

Roughlock Falls 3

We moved a couple days ago over to the Deadwood area. The Black Hills never get boring. Around every turn of the road there is new scenery that is truly amazing. On our first day here, we rode the scooter through Spearfish Canyon. From the campground, we traveled through Lead, and old gold mining town, then to Cheyenne Crossings for lunch. A great old place at the head of Spearfish Canyon. Spearfish is the most famous canyon in the Black Hills, and probably the most well traveled. It is one of those "must see" opportunities. It is 25 miles of the best that the Black Hills has to offer. What is truly great about it, once you go down the canyon, you can turn around and go right back up. The views are totally different. Real Cool!!!

Today we visited Deadwood and took a ride down to Sturgis. Deadwood is a nice tourist town but unfortunately they haven't done a very good job of preserving the history of the town. It is pretty much slot machines and bars. Still a fun place to go but it isn't what it was 20 years ago.

Sturgis is what you would expect. Nothing going on at all until Bike Week in August. The town exists totally on the revenue it makes on one week a year.

Tomorrow we pack up and drive over to Cody WY with a quick stop at Devils Tower.

Life is good!!!!!

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