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Jazz festival in San Francisco

Half empty beer

A pyramid?

This is how to dry your socks

This is my bed and my view from the hostel

This is a San Francisco street.. very hilly



Expensive car!

Governement building

Another nice strangely europaen governement building

Classical concert at Stern Grove

Very good american opera singer

Here she is, can't remember her name though..

A duet, "Everything you can do, I can do better"

Maritime museum

Big boat

A tall ship

Aquatic bay

A lot of turists at The Fishermans Whaf

The USS Pampanito (SS383)

Loading the Mark 14 torpedos

Torpedo tubes

Motor controls



The control room

Cool map...

The greenboard - "Dive - Dive"

Depth controls

Small hatches

This is a real Mark 14 torpedo, it weighs 1,5 ton

Looking out the front

Deck cannon


The bridge

Full view of the main deck

The rear end of the submarine

Huge dive rudders

The poster explaining all about the vessel

Very small sub in comparison.. ;-)


Beautifull flower

They are everywhere

White as snow

Damn turists! Go away!

The habour

Hej med jer.

Saa naaede jeg Sanfran.

Herligt sted maa jeg sige, jeg bor paa alletiders super duper vandrehjem. Der mangler bestemt ikke noget, vi har endda frit internet!

Jeg har nu vaeret her i ca. to dage, og allerede moedt en del nye mennesker, blandt andre Jonathan og hans bror Pete som jeg har vaeret til klassisk koncert med, og i morgen skal I nok faa nogle billeder at se. Der er jo sket en masse siden sidste opdatering, saa I kan godt glaede jer :-)

Vi ses!

Som i kan se besoegte jeg det maritime museum og fik ogsa en rundtur ned i en rigtig ubaad. Det var fedt! Jeg besoegte ogsaa Fishermens Whaf, men det var fyldt med hensynsloese turister. De er om vilde dyr.

Det var vist det :-)



English version.

Well now I'm in San Francisco. It's a very nice city, I allready love it.

I have'nt seen much yet but I've got plenty of time.

Despite that I've allready made a few new friends.

Look soon again, I will update again soon with pictures!

As you can now see, I went to the marina and o the maritime museum, but with crazy turists everywhere I did'nt stay long..


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