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Southern Germany

Mountains at Mittenwald

A German beer in the town

Into Austria

Into the Dolomites

Peaceful lakeside

View of Venice from the Lady

Evening falls

Evening 2nd day, new pitch, different views

Wednesday 14th morning, we were so glad to be on our way south again. The drive past Munich was steady, traffic heavy but consistent. We'd hoped to cross the border into Austria but when we got to Mittenwald, it was so pretty and the evening so nice we stopped when we found a place to park by the river for only couple of pounds for the night. Gorgeous views of the steep sided mountains all around us. We fed Blue then walked into the town, everywhere was colorful, people friendly, we stopped at one of the many bars with tables outside and enjoyed an hour of sunshine and drinks before getting back to the Lady for dinner.

Thursday, was dull and windy so we pressed on, eager to see some of Austria. As we crossed the border, the houses and flowers were similar to the ones in southern German areas, all bright and beautiful, but with lots more wee wooden "shacks" everywhere, we drove to Innsbruck, I'd been here 40 years ago, it was NOTHING at all like I remembered. Sadly. The road then became a nightmare for the next 2 hours. The road we wanted was closed. Only alternative after driving around the town twice was the toll road, and in Austria you cannot just get on the road and then pay when you get off, you have to purchase a "vignette" before you travel, otherwise the fine is up to €4000. But we had no choice, there had been an accident so that road was closed, so now we have to wait see if they try to charge us.... We got off as soon as we could, only to find the next road we needed was also closed! It was so difficult to find the alternative that the satnavs both went berserk and we just used the map. By this time we'd both had enough of Austrian roads so continued on to Italy, just over the border, found a HUGE lorry park that also has safe motorhome parking with facilities, although not a pleasant place, sufficed for one night. Vipiteno.

Friday morning, decided after lots of thinking about where to go next, to head for Venice and not Lake Garda. So took the A road into the Dolomites, wow, the scenery was breathtaking at every turn. It was not an easy road, with high winding narrow passages but so glad we'd decided on that route, fabulous. Not many stopping places either, but we managed to find a layby to have a quick lunch, Roy took Blue out while I made tea, came back quickly due to the hundreds of bees intent on their jobs in the beautiful pink flowered bushes that almost surrounded us. Not the place for a walk, just in case we upset them.

In Italy the toll roads are normal, you pay when you get off at the booth. So we took that for the last 30 miles to give us a change from the A road.

Finding the campsite at Venice was a challenge, but the police were helpful when we took a wrong turn as directed by the satnavs again, in the City itself!!!! and gave us directions to follow so we have ended our day right on the edge of the Venetian Lagoon, overlooking the City itself across the water. Lovely. Very busy, but good as camp sites go, friendly people, all sorts of homes, from tiny vans to our size, plus caravans and chalets. It's called Fusina, right by the ferry terminal if anyone wants to do Venice on a budget it's ideal. That's it for now, need to relax tomorrow, maybe leave the visit to Venice itself till Monday when it will be quieter than the weekend.....

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