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Autumn Colour

Silver Ribbon Falls

Not the most elegant place for coffee

The Hudson River

Our Bed and Breakfast

Lunch View


Bennington in decline: 'One small school for sale'




At the foot of the monument


The drive to Bennington was a matter of rivers and bridges. We crossed two major rivers: the Delaware (twice) and the Hudson, and a number of others such as the Popolopen creek and the Schuykill river. The colour of the trees is definitely changing as we get further north. It is very difficult to judge the right time to come to New England in the Fall but we seem to be lucky so far.

Coffee and lunch were surprisingly difficult to find. We had coffee in a diner in a place called Milford. The staff were very friendly and the place was obviously popular with people having lunch. The coffee wasn't bad either. Lunch was sandwiches, using our picnic stools overlooking the Hudson.

It was strange to use the Interstate 80 at the 'Del Water Gap'. Robin used to use that road to go to work regularly and I once took the girls to the 'Gap', where the Delaware runs through a gap in the hills.

We drove through a few states today: Pennsylvania, New Jersey (very brief), Pennsylvania again, New York and Vermont.

In Bennington we stayed for two nights in a 'Bed and Breakfast. We were split among four and ours didn't serve breakfast! We did, however, have a pleasant evening with Rick and Di, Stuart and Rosie and Andy and Sheila drinking wine and eating snacks on the second evening in the B & B that we were sharing.

On our 'day off' we walked around the rather faded Bennington 'downtown'. We could see that it had once been vibrant as there was an underground water system linking the many different types of mill. We then drove to North Bennington, much smarter, via three covered bridges. We completed the day by going up the monument to the Battle of Bennington (war of independence, the Americans won) and visited the lovely early nineteenth century church. Its style was like a Georgian London church- with a gallery - and it was very plain and all white.

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