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Deserted metro and no Chris did not want to be in the...

Lemming rush - we were carriage number 20, a few kilometers on

So much canola, and wind farms, a sudden change to vineyards when...

Always and unidentified at the markets, heaps of stuff/junk/treasures

In line skate action, look at the top of the photo

Buskers dancing

Slack rope walking in the park

That's our steeple in the background

No boulongarie visit this morning as it was closed for May Day so didn't get to say goodbye.

There must be a term for the UNREALISTIC expectation that one would miss the train even though the night before the metro station is selected, correct line chosen, time checked, platform checked, minutes to walk determined, pre-day inspection completed, and ticket printed. But STILL one of us worries. After nearly being eaten by the ticket entrance turnstile with our huge bags we made the first part and then…. the platform indicator was blank and there was only one other person on the platform. Well now we can worry - maybe there is no metro on May Day. No it is just that the indicator board was not working. We arrived at the train station with 50 minutes to spare and yes a kind Parisien offered to carry Christine's bags up the stairs. Being experienced traveller train travellers we were not concerned that our platform number was not next to our train on the board until about 20 minutes before departure. When it came up there was a lemming like rush to the train as hundreds of us raced to get our baggage on the limited racks available so we didn't have to sit on their bags for three hours. We travelled parallel to the freeway with it where the cars were doing 110 130. We passed them all. 600 km in just over 3 hours. We were in a 'quiet' carriage so when crunching on our apples we sounded noisy. Google maps let us down that again when trying to find our place in Bordeaux a local sorted us though. Off for a wander around Bordeaux. It's easy just keep the river insight........ but look here and over here...... soon of course who knows where we are? We thought it would be easy to find our home as from 3 or 4 km away we could easily see the church steeple that was near by our front door. Of course the three-storey houses and narrow streets hid the steeple. So again this time a kind Moroccan shopkeeper helped us. We made it difficult for him to help us by not knowing the exact name of our street and not speaking the language but he worked it out for us.

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