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Fanning Island April 14

Since leaving Kona we crossed the International Date Line, so we lost a day, going from Monday to Wednesday. The I.D. line is not a straight line but bends for various reasons and so we will get that day back in another couple of days or so, by having two Fridays. Our next stop was supposed to be Fanning Island, a tiny atoll and part of the Republic of Kiribati a scattering of 32 coral atolls each defined by its ring shape and internal lagoon. This tiny Tropical Island has about 2,000 inhabitant who are Micronesian not Polynesian. This means they are smaller in stature and have slightly different facial features. The land mass is just 13 square miles and the lagoon 426 sq. mi. There is no electricity, or indoor plumbing on the island and so they live a very simple life.

Unfortunately the sea turned very choppy and since this is a tender port we were unable to go ashore. This was a huge disappointment as this was considered something of a highlight by most of the passengers.

Many of the passengers had brought donations to give to the children or schools. All the goods collected will now go to the Red Cross on Roratonga in the Cook Islands our next port of call, to be distributed there. There are many unanswered questions about Fanning Island how the population lives, gets medical care etc. That will be a Google job for another day.

Last night at 9 pm we crossed the Equator at 159 degrees of longitude. There was no “Crossing the Line” festivities on this ship, unlike others we have sailed on.

So we have another sea day – not such a hardship. The sun came out and quite muggy at 28c but our balcony is on the shady side at the moment so it’s quite nice sitting out here and read.

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