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Up about 8:00 after a really needed sleep – about ten hours or more. It seems the net was not as effective as it could be, but I did get about five mosquito bites – killed the suckers in the net. Looks like I knocked the net off with my pillow. Oh well, I probably won’t get anything – I’ll have to wait a bit to see.

Breakfast of oatmeal with anise was quite nice – I do miss my tea though. We filled up our water bottles then headed out to look at Leon’s property. We visited the orphanage (boys only) which looked quite nice – good playset but scary stairs. Then off to some land that might be a spot for a clinic – looked good (about two acres) that was being planted. Looked good but then we headed off to another site.

The second site was about three acres that was pretty flat and had a fantastic view of the ocean! We chatted about having a guest house with the view and the clinic below. Estimates were running into a million dollars for the site. There was a guy in one field over who was plowing a field with two oxen. Everybody got quite excited with the view – but there was more that needed to be chatted about.

We walked back to the guest house and had an early lunch of tuna fish, which was quite nice. Then we took a little break then got our swimming suits on and headed to the beach – a place Leon also owned. Kitty and I went snorkeling and a couple of people swam as well, but most stayed on the beach.

The water was clear and warm and there was little life under the sea – some grass and sand and a few shells – but not much. There were a bunch of kids swimming as well and they bumped into me. We shared the mask and snorkel for a bit, then they swam off. Most of the kids wore suits but not all. Then swam with Kitty for a while then back to the beach.

On the beach there were a couple of dugout boats that looked abandoned. Some nice purple flowers, as well as a guy who was repairing his canvas net and his hand carved mast. Lots of shells and even a bit of barbed wire. Quite nice (plus an audience of kids). We eventually were driven back to the guesthouse in the back of a pickup – on very bumpy roads!

After a break we headed off in the pickup again. Off across the island. First stop in the only clinic on the island – right next to a disused UN site with ripped tents – looked ragged. The clinic itself was large but under utilized. Lots of posters and some equipment – actually quite nice but underutilized.

Then off to the site of the airport being built on the island – quite a large project. We chatted about what effect that might have on the island. Stopped in at where Leon was building a new school. Then even more bumpy road back toi the guest house.

When we got back, after a brief break, we visited the church Leon had built next to the guesthouse a year ago. Nice place and only 65,00 to build – clinic possibility?

Then to the back deck to relax, talk, and have a beer. Long day but less tiring than yesterday!

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