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Carpes boondocking in Camping World lot

I 10 in New Mexico had much construction underway
This is west of...

Crossing the Continental Divide in New Mexico

Lotsa space in southern New Mexico

Large roadrunner sculpture in New Mexico rest area

More I 10 construction in New Mexico
This is east of Las Cruces

Welcome to Texas

Thu, 11 Feb: Another road day...

We had a mostly restful nite boondocking behind Kranberry's Family Restaurant in Lordsburg New Mexico. The restaurant is proximate to both Interstate 10 and the Union Pacific mainline. The road noise was tolerable, but the trains and their crossing signals were a bit much. In addition the temperature dropped into the low thirties so there was some getting up for heavier blankets.

We awoke without the benefit of an alarm and got out of bed when we decided it was time. A very leisurely morning—Sandi made omelets for breakfast—resulted in a late start. Checklists behind us we pulled out of the parking lot at 0940.

As noted, Kranberry's was not far from the Interstate so we were quickly heading east into the sun and the first of many construction zones. None of them generated much of a delay, but they're not Bob's favorite things. Somehow he muddled thru.

We stopped for a break at a rest area near Las Cruces and then continued into Texas. We left the Interstate at exit #2 and pulled into the Camping World parking lot. We'll spend the nite boondocking here before continuing on our way. Today's run was an easy 148 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8.92 mpg.

A note about screwing up... We've been doing this RVing stuff for eight years now and pride ourselves on using our checklists to stay out of trouble. Well yesterday we missed an important item that, while not causing any immediate damage, did create a "problem".

In order to tow our Ford Focus four wheels down we must leave a key in the ignition switch so the front wheels can caster as the coach/car combination turns corners. The key just needs to be in the ignition, but not be turned on. Well, we missed the "not be turned on" part yesterday and left the key in the accessory position. Well, that drained the car's battery down to nothing.

So, upon our arrival this afternoon we had to disconnect the car and maneuver the coach next to the car and jumper the batteries from the coach to the car to start the engine. Nothing major, but a reminder of what can happen when one skips steps on the checklists...

Tomorrow we'll continue on our way, probably to Fort Stockton some 260 miles east.

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