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When we have visited Maine we have taken the expressway to and from, which brings us along the coast and through the congestion of the greater Boston area. Ken handles congestion with aplomb, but we have had trouble finding campgrounds that fit the bill - affordable, not thickly wooded, water, sewer, 50 amps. Real estate is expensive here and most of the campgrounds have been here a while, which makes them full of trees and challenging for a behemoth like us. But when we looked for alternatives and interesting stops to break up the drive home, the only other routes out of Maine are twisting, winding roads through one small town after another. Perhaps because this is the sort of driving we have been doing most of this trip, we thought we'd give a new route a try. Along the way all 62 feet of us had to stop at the UPS terminus outside Bangor to pick up replacement tire pressure monitors. UPS couldn't manage to find our campground even though the owner assured us that other deliveries had made it. There is nothing worse than having a blow out when you are driving an RV and we have no idea what's going on with the towed's tires until they are in flames and people wave at you. We really wanted those those tire pressure monitors.

And then we wound our way through NE Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The route through the White Mountains was beautiful and not too taxing since we followed a river valley. The road was top notch when we passed through popular skiing areas, but the shoulder was missing and the pavement set our teeth to chattering at other times. It took ten minutes to drive through Montpelier, the capital, but there actually was a rush hour in Burlington. It was a tough driving day. Here's hoping the things we have come here to see make it worth it.

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