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The seven bags (350 pounds)

The farewell toast

At Kitty's house we do the final packing. Ches and Kitty finish their personal stuff as I sit around and make rude comments. All the sacks of supplies are ready to go and we're doing final checking to make sure everything is in order.

I forgot some of my photo stuff but have enough to make it through. Meeting for final packing and group dinner yet to come.

Packed our bags into the truck and headed off the Adam's office in Roanoke. Added a lot of additional medications and supplies and weighed things. Everything within the weight limit.

The team was mostly there - and everyone got along well. After packing we headed off to Cafe Asia 2 in Roanoke for a group dinner. Yummy stuff and lots of talking.

Headed back to the house and had a final glass of wine to celebrate all getting under way finally, and, after feeding the animals one more time, off to bed and a 3:00 AM wake up.

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