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Date: February 25, 2015

Weather: mostly cloudy, a little drizzle

Temperature: start 40º

High 47º

Wildlife count:

Year List: 147

Birds: Northern Harrier, Red-tailed Hawk, White-faced and White Ibis, Killdeer, Great Blue Heron, American Kestrel, European Starling, American Crow, Great Egret, Great-tailed Grackle, Mourning Dove, Eastern Meadowlark, Bald Eagle, Common Grackle, Belted Kingfisher, Snowy Egret, Greater White-fronted Geese, Red-bellied Woodpecker

It was a pleasant drive to the Complex Visitor’s Center this morning. We were early, so we walked the boardwalk down through the cypress swamp and looked out at Lake Anahuac, a fresh water lake so large that we could not see the other side. Water dripped off of the Spanish moss that hung from the cypress – glad we had our raincoats with hoods. Though we were alone, the bird sounds made it anything but quiet!

When we got back to the VC, our trainer, Kay was there to greet us. She is a delightful lady, who carefully trained us on the opening and closing procedures of the VC, as well as the cash register for the Friends of Anahuac Refuge bookstore. Due to Hurricane Ike in 2008 when every part of the refuge was completely destroyed, this VC is brand new, with wonderful video-enhanced exhibits using the latest technology. The entire building is LEED certified, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Everything in the building except the hand dryers in the bathrooms were made in the USA, and most every component of the building is made from recycled materials – the wood from renewable forests. It is a beautiful place to work!

Once familiar with the cash register, we had some time to practice, as a group of volunteers and staff from Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, just west of us across Galveston Bay visited and each one made purchases. The system was similar to what we used in Big Bend and we had no issues. We had a sandwich lunch with Kay and enjoyed getting to know her. People were in an out during the afternoon, and with a little inventory taken, it was time to close.

Dinner was ham and beans and cornbread – perfect for the cool weather.

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