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Carpes at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails

Crossing the Colorado River on I 10

Welcome to the Golden State

Welcome to California—give us all your fruit & veggies!

Eastern California along I 10

Near Palm Springs I 10 gets pretty busy

The dinosaurs still exist along I 10

We took CA 79 south from Banning

Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes in Menifee, CA

Wilderness Lakes has many canals

Trolley at Orange Empire Railroad Museum

Trolley at Orange Empire Railroad Museum

Trolley at Orange Empire Railroad Museum

Trolley at Orange Empire Railroad Museum

GE switcher at Orange Empire Railroad Museum

GE diesel locomotive at Orange Empire Railroad Museum

Drone's-Eye view of Carpe at Wilderness Lakes

Drone's-Eye view of Carpe at Wilderness Lakes

Thu, 12 Feb: Westward Ho!

We arose early and enjoyed our tea and a nice breakfast. Once the dishes were finished and our morning rituals complete, we got Carpes ready for the road. Goodby hugs from the Rosas and Davilas and Bob nosed Carpe out of the RV park and onto I 10 west. A quick seventeen miles later we crossed the Colorado River into California, the land of high taxes and lotsa other things.

We stopped at the Agriculture Inspection station but no agent was in the booth. After sitting there for a few minutes with nobody paying us any attention, Bob eased out of the station and we continued on our merry way. We can never figure the Ag stations out... One time they'll wave you thru and the next hassle you and confiscate all your fruits and veggies.

Interstate 10 is a fairly nice two lane road thru the eastern part of California, and then you get to Desert Center where it becomes three lanes and the traffic mysteriously multiplies. Continuing west more lanes appear along with the traffic to fill them. By the time we got to Palm Springs traffic was "California Nuts".

We switched drivers near Indio and Sandi had the privilege of playing in the traffic. At Banning we took CA 79 south to Hemet and then south toward Menifee. We pulled into the Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails about half past eleven (Pacific time—we gained an hour crossing the Colorado). Check in was easy and around noon we'd found a nice end spot and had everything set up. Today's run was 194 miles with eight mpg.

We drove into town for a quick lunch at Taco Bell and then grocery (mostly produce) shopping at Ralphs. We'd let most of our produce run out fearing it would be grabbed by the Ag folks. Didn't happen...

We're now back at the coach looking forward to Happy Hour (which is an hour later due to the time change). Tomorrow Bob will drive to Riverside (about 28 miles northwest) to attend a major stamp show. Sandi will stay home.

Mon, 16 Feb: President's Day Holiday...

It has been a remarkable four days in Southern California's Inland Empire. The weather has been extraordinary. Warm days, some in the eighties, and cool nites. Compared with the ugly weather in the northeast we're really delighted to be here.

On Friday and Saturday Bob drove twenty-eight miles to Riverside to attend the APS Stamp Show. He met with many of his peers and wandered the halls until his dogs were barking. On Saturday he met with fellow members of the APS Technical Committee and put faces to the voices he's been hearing during the monthly conference calls.

Meanwhile, Sandi stayed at home and vegged. She did some chores around the house, including one of her favorites, defrosting the freezer. She took some long walks around the Wilderness Lakes Preserve, which is huge with more than five hundred RV sites. With the three-day President's Day Holiday the place is pretty full and has more than its share of screaming urchins and yapping curs.

Yesterday, Sunday, we drove a few miles north to the Orange Empire Railroad Museum in nearby Perris. The OERM was founded in the 1950s and has an extensive collection of trolleys and other Southern California railroad equipment. On weekends they operate several of the trolleys and diesels. The third weekend of each month is special as they fire up one of their operating steam locomotives.

After wandering around the museum we drove to the Costco Temecula for lunch and some shopping. Then back to the RV park for R&R. Because it is a holiday weekend the park did not empty out on Sunday, but we expect the working folks (and, hopefully, most of their kiddies) will head home and give us some peace and quiet.

Wed, 18 Feb: Still vegging...

A very quiet few days enjoying the relative quiet of a destination park during the week. Most of the weekenders have now left and the park is decidedly quieter. We like it this way.

We've not ventured out very far as the California traffic is pretty hectic for these two retirees. We went out for dinner this evening, to the Texas Roadhouse. Other than that we've been sticking pretty close to home.

Tomorrow we'll head to Yuma to attend a HAM radio rally. Then back to Casa Grande on Sunday...

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