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Champagne Vineyard on dull morning

No frost today but a misty, foggy start. Temperature during the day did get up to the mid forty degrees Fahrenheit but dropped again in the late afternoon. We passed lots of vineyards on our way today as we are in a Champagne producing area.

We were planning to stay on an Aire in Dijon tonight but when we got there it was closed so we pushed on South to a town called Beaune. We were following the Seine river & stopped beside it for a picnic lunch at midday. We actually passed signs pointing to the source but decided to keep going.

We did stop for diesel which is only about 87p a litre as apposed to £1.07 we paid in UK before we left. The slump in oil prices is really helping us although, unlike the UK the diesel is a lot cheaper than petrol in France. We also found a Lidls store but we're disappointed that they had run out of their own cooked fresh bread.

Another form of entertainment that I have adopted for the long drives is audio books. Before we left I recorded a number of them onto CDs so that we can listen to them as we drive along. So much better than trying to find reasonable music on the radio & also advert free. We drove all around Denmark, Norway, Finland & Sweden listening to a very long book called Shantaram which I can thoroughly recommend especially to anyone who has ever visited India. We are listening to a book called Angela's Ashes at the moment, a sad story about poor Irish immigrants back in the depression. How those people suffered just makes you realise how lucky we are today. I don't know if I would have read the book but the audio book really helps pass the time.

Beaune turned out to be an old fortified French town with a well preserved historical walled centre. However once again it was late afternoon & getting dark so we didn't get to see it properly. The Aire was on part of a large car park & there were about a dozen motorhome parked up for the night, so plenty of company. We had steak & potato wedgies tonight thanks to Lidls.

Mileage today - 201

Total Mileage to date - 598

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